Up to 10% OFF on FREE SHOP or Dufry/Hudson Store

More than 5 million travelers are already taking advantage of the best benefits and discounts

Red by Dufry is Dufry’s loyalty and discount program that can be used at Free Shop, Dufry and Hudson stores, as well as several other partners. Find out how the program works and save when you become a member.

Avolta, Dufry and Hudson

Avolta , a group that includes Dufry, is a leading global travel retail company. It has more than 5,500 stores on 5 continents and in more than 50 countries, in airports, cruise ships, ports, train stations and tourist areas.

Duty Free stores are located in restricted areas of airports selling tax-free products and are only accessible to passengers on international flights. Duty Pay stores are located in freely accessible areas of airports and in the boarding areas of national flights. In these stores the incidence of taxes is normal.

Hudson stores are also part of the Avolta group and have more than 600 convenience stores in airports and subway terminals around the world. Furthermore, Red by Dufry customers have access to Private Sales , an exclusive online store that offers discounts starting at 20% for program members .

Here you will find a complete list of airports with Dufry stores around the world.

How it works

The more you buy in stores, the more you accumulate points and the closer you will be to the Gold and Platinum categories, where the advantages are even more attractive. SEE THE CATEGORIES BELOW:

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Red By Dufry How It Works

If you prefer, point your mobile device’s camera at the QR CODE to register.

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